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Green Light Wellness has partnered with Nature's Root to ensure that our GLW customer have access to the best Organic CBD skin & body products in the CBD industry. 


Nature’s Root offers a variety of organic and hemp body products. Our handcrafted organic beauty products come in many varieties including hemp spa products, balms, hemp oils, lotions, and scrubs, all created to soothe, refresh, restore and invigorate your inner as well as outer beauty. Additionally, we offer several categories of hemp products for internal use, such as our organically flavored hemp oil tinctures and amber gel capsules.

Natural Options for Everyone


Nature’s Root sells hemp products comprised of organic ingredients, so whether you’re getting a spa treatment at one of our network locations or perusing our selection with the intent to try something new, you can rest assured that no harmful additives or chemicals will be involved, as quality ingredients are a priority for us. The hemp oil we use in our organic beauty products is pure and naturally derived.


Creating this brand wasn’t just about creating natural hemp body products, but more so developing something people could believe in and count on to produce significant results. Our organic hemp products are crafted to mitigate a variety of ailments you may be experiencing, enhance an already relaxing spa experience, or both. Whether you're trying our organic body products for the first time or you’re a veteran customer, the quality of our hemp oil products never wavers.

Start Exploring Our Hemp Products


Feel free to explore our inventory of organic hemp products. Our extensive catalog of organic beauty products is ever-expanding, so we encourage you to seek out our latest line-up. We keep our staple organic hemp products stocked and try to introduce new items as well. So never miss a beat by regularly checking our current inventory of organic beauty products, hemp body products, and organic hemp products!


We work with distinguished spas throughout the US and beyond that offer a variety of services that utilize our hemp oils and organic body care products. In partnering this way, you can experience our many hemp body products during your regularly scheduled services, as well as purchase our organic body products to take home and use at your leisure. That said, we invite you to look at the first-ever Hemp Spa Network as well as our retail locator to find Nature's Root organic beauty products, hemp body products, and organic hemp products, in addition to spas nearest you that incorporate our luxurious products

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