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Delta 8 Cartridge
Delta 8 Cartridge
Delta 8 Cartridge
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Delta 8 Cartridge


Delta 8 Cartridges

1g Cartridge / 97% Delta 8 THC



The Delta 8 cartridge is the perfect company for your vape pen. Potent and powerful, Delta 8 THC will have you mellowed without the couchlock. Keep your mental clarity and energy while enjoying the usual THC high.



Best-Selling Delta 8 Cart is in the House!



Powerful. Bold. A hit that doesn’t miss. 



Our Delta 8 Cart is one-of-a-kind when it comes to flavor, potency, and quality. A robust Delta 8 cartridge with the highest concentrated percentage of Delta 8 THC available. Enjoy a mental acute high with less psychoactive effects than Delta 9 THC that results in more relaxation and an uplifting boost to your mood. 



Why everyone is clambering to buy a Delta 8 cart is thanks to how this THC version works when inhaled rather than ingested or smoked from ground Delta 8 flower. With a sedative-like body effect, any stress, discomfort, or tension is removed with just a few puffs! Best of all, it also promotes the following sensations:



  • Emotional Mood Booster
  • Ultimate Calming Effect
  • All the Feels of Happiness
  • Seamless Balance of Motivation, Mental Clarity & Relaxation 


Wouldn’t it be nice to get high and not be stoned out in the same spot for hours on end? Delta 8 offers just that! The influence allows you aspects of THC that Delta 9 can’t, like sharper, better brain performance, and a sexual appetite you’ll love! 



The benefits of Delta 8 are very distinctive compared to its THC counterpart, Delta 9? How can they be so different when they both offer true highs? Simple!



  • Delta 8 is the perfect alternative for those who are sensitive or have a bad reaction to the side effects of Delta 9 THC.


  • If you suffer from nausea for any reason, Delta 8 soothes this problem without question.


  • Never hungry? You’ll have a tremendous appetite with this version of THC!


  • Do CBD products just not cut it for you? While retaining a natural quality and with CBD variations, Delta 8 is the ideal step up for a bigger kick that you’re looking for!


  • Any discomfort you might feel, from head to toe, D8 is your powerful natural solution!


  • Days are stressful and it can be incredibly difficult to unwind at the end of the day. If this describes you, then Delta 8 is your best bet for emotional relief AND physically too!


The THC Compound That Does It All 



THC can be a tricky word to use and see when you’re scrolling through hemp products. It’s grown to have the stigmatism attached to it that it’s illegal and should be avoided. Well, we’re here to clarify the many false points about THC and Delta 8 in particular. 



First of all, Delta 8 THC is legal on the federal level, whereas Delta 9 THC is not. In the 2018 Farm Bill, the US completely legalized all hemp-derived cannabinoids, isomers, and derivatives with one stipulation: it must contain less than .3% THC.



Well, how can Delta 8 THC be legal since products with D8 contain much more than .3% in them? The Farm Bill specifically states that hemp-derived products can only have a max percentage of .3 Delta 9 THC, NOT Delta 8 THC. The biggest factor to this provision is from Delta 9 being more psychoactive, with paranoid and anxiety attacks usually the main side effect to taking it. With Delta 8, those side effects and stronger psychoactive reactions are not a concern. 



It’s pretty awesome that the better version of THC is the legal one, right? 



We’re stoked about it too. 



A Little Goes A Long Way



The Delta 8 Cartridge is the perfect accompaniment to your vape pen. Easy to set up for quick use! 



Flavors: Sour Diesel, Pineapple Express, Granddaddy Purple, Girl Scout Cookie, Blue Dream, Cherry Pie, Green Crack, Hawaiian Haze, and Skywalker OG (aroma/effect profiles in detail below).



Our Top-Selling Flavor Profiles



Sour Diesel Delta 8 Cartridge: 


A Sativa-dominant strain – a top seller and named after its very pungent, diesel-like aroma. A descendant from two or three OG classics, Chemdog91 and Super Skunk or Chemdawg and Northern Lights, this Sour Diesel Delta 8 Cart is a favorite among cannabis users, medically and recreationally! 



Why is Sour Diesel so popular? While the Sativa head high is most prominent, the subtle Indica physical relaxation that it also brings makes it the best of both worlds. As a potent strain, it’s also a generally potent palette and smoke too. The Diesel namesake isn’t just for kicks! 



Pineapple Express Delta 8 Cartridge:



A punchy hybrid with notes of fresh apple and mango, while the taste leans more towards pineapple, pine, and cedar. Enjoy a long-lasting shot of energy for daytime use, productivity, or creative outlets. Parent strains are Trainwreck and Hawaiian, which gives it the perfectly balanced Indica and Sativa blend for mellowness and alertness.



The perks of a body relaxation with a focused and productive mind can’t be beaten with this one. A household favorite, even in the Netherlands, the fruits stand flavors and scents will have you coming back again and again for Pineapple Express! 

Granddaddy Purple Delta 8 Cartridge: 



One of the most popular Indica strains and the most well known Purple cannabis strain in the US, Granddaddy Purple never fails to impress. The Indica baby of Purple Urkle and Big Bud is ideal for night use with a body and mind buzz that transitions into a heavy body at its peak. It’s a powerful strain that isn’t for novice smokers, though for pain, insomnia, stress, and anxiety, it knocks it out of the park. 



First-time use should go slow and sparingly, with one or two small hits before going in for more after several minutes. This Granddaddy Purple Delta 8 Cart will be your nightcap for many moons to come!



Girl Scout Cookies Delta 8 Cartridge:



This Cannabis Cup award-winning Indica-dominant strain is just like its namesake – one of those treats that you clamber to have after a meal or a sweet treat at night. OG Kush and Durban Poison strains crafted this cookie hybrid with sweet and earthy aromas that will have you salivating at first sniff. 



Euphoric, full-body relaxation and wild cerebral effects will send you into a near tranquilizing state. A long-lasting high awaits where stress, pain, tension, and inflammation will become a thing of the past while you reach a highly sedative effect that gets you ready for a night of deep sleep to revive you for the next day!



Blue Dream Delta 8 Cartridge: 



Leaning towards a Sativa-dominant hybrid from popular classic strains Blueberry and Haze, Blue Dream does not disappoint. The flavor is extraordinary and with a buzzy yet gentle cerebral high that brings motivation and heightened focus along with it – perfect for a busy day or schedule! A great numbing effect also stems from Blue Dream and that super relaxing quality leaves you pain-free and ready to take on the world. 



Blueberry and sugar brighten your tastebuds and linger long after the inhale and exhale. Snatch this daytime dream with a high THC content before it’s too late!



Cherry Pie Delta 8 Cartridge:



Who’s ready for a hit of freshly baked cherry pie??



Prepare for a mouth-watering sticky-sweet cherry finish to what starts out as a piney taste with the first puff. The delectable sweetness of cherry pie is the same as when you get it during a meal – at the very end! Smoked cherry on one of the most potent Delta 8 carts is your reward, along with the strong relaxing high that will follow thanks to the hybrid strain.



700mg of Delta 8 THC with 22mg of CBD and terpenes for a truly bold red treat!



Green Crack Delta 8 Cartridge:



Green Crack Delta 8 is no pony ass when it comes to its namesake. A potent Sativa strain with stellar energizing and motivating effects, it’s like you’re on crack…but not that kind of crack. 475mg of hemp-derived Delta 8 THC and 25mg of CBN, CBC, and strain-specific terpenes offer you the very best cannabis has to give!



A burst of energy, an invigorating mental buzz, and a tangy fruit palette similar to mango is what you can expect from the Green Crack Delta 8 cartridge. A daytime pick me up for the focus-needed and fatigue-fighting smoker, you won’t have any trouble finishing those deadlines or getting your creative on. 



Green Cush, aka Green Crack Delta 8, is better than your inspirational quote of the day on Instagram.



Hawaiian Haze Delta 8 Cartridge:



A Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that will send you straight off to your tropical island paradise, Hawaiian Haze Delta 8 is CBD-rich and ready to deliver ️‍🔥! Just one taste of this super aromatic cartridge of tropic fruit and subtle earthy undertones will have you hooked. Sociable and talkative are some of the daytime effects you’ll find with the Hawaiian Haze Delta 8 cart, so if you have trouble with events or outings with groups, this is the strain for you!



Plus, if you have issues with muscle problems or inflammation, Hawaiian Haze is great for getting you active and productive by relieving them. No lethargy or procrastination here! A few puffs of the cart and your mind will clear and offer you motivated, optimistic thought patterns. 



The Hawaiian Haze Delta 8 Cartridge is truly a daytime goals masterpiece!



Skywalker OG Delta 8 Cartridge:



A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away….



Or what’s better known as America, the Skywalker OG Delta 8 Cartridge is no child’s play strain. Indica-dominant, this hybrid cart sends you into lightspeed as quickly as the Millennium Falcon! This isn’t a padawan cartridge, it’s a full-fledged Jedi Knight with a powerful THC count and a pungent aroma that would scare away younglings. 



The intense high comes on fast, like igniting a lightsaber. The spicy herbal and diesel notes are strong, bold, and definitely with the Force. Hitting the Skywalker OG Delta 8 Cart will be like visiting Cloud City, so enjoy your trip among the clouds for intense relaxation, unlike other Delta 8 cartridges. 



Puff Carefully, You Must.


Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester


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